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Get Out of Jail, Free Card?

College Admissions Scandal Imagine, if you will, a world in which everyone is treated the same. Now, open your eyes and look around you: that world is not here on planet Earth! This latest distraction from the States is a … Continue reading

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Justice: Does It Exist Anymore?

Lady Justice without a blindfold I was reading a novel this week which raised some very serious questions about the legal system in Canada. The premise of the story was that some senior members of the judicial system in Ontario … Continue reading

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Why Speed?

Maximum I have often remarked, while driving in our car, that most other drivers seem to consider the speed limit a ‘minimum’, always traveling at least 10 kilometers per hour over it. In fact, there seems to be an ‘unwritten’ … Continue reading

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Who Owns the Copyright of an Image?

Permission is required to reproduce a photograph, although once it’s on the internet, that permission is seldom requested. But what about the image? Who owns the copyright of that? Audrey Hepburn The question of who owns the copyright of an … Continue reading

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