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I Want You to Reflect on This Image

Liberal-Democrats (UK) (1988)

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Hidden in Plain Sight: a Spiritual Exercise

Autostereograms Do you remember when these hidden 3D images were all the rage? I couldn’t always see what was there, but once in a while the picture would suddenly ‘appear’ and I ‘saw’. That’s what spiritual vision does, too. Trust … Continue reading

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First Ladies of the 20th and 21st Century

  It struck me the other day that these two women exemplify what one could call ‘classy’. And the affection felt by the public for each of them is across the board. It must be the pearls.

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Beauty in the Beholder’s Eye

I Feel Pretty I wonder: was someone afraid to call this movie “I’m Beautiful”? Because there’s no doubt in my mind that Amy Schumer is beautiful. And she’s a brilliant actress. Not once during this film event did I feel … Continue reading

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Railway Tracks in Vancouver

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Who Owns the Copyright of an Image?

Permission is required to reproduce a photograph, although once it’s on the internet, that permission is seldom requested. But what about the image? Who owns the copyright of that? Audrey Hepburn The question of who owns the copyright of an … Continue reading

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