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Here’s the Prototype White Man ‘Gone Native’:

Étienne Brûlé (March 15, 1592 – June 30, 1633) OK. This post is going to be mostly speculative. Even Étienne Brûlé‘s birth and death details are sketchy, but as I’ve learned during this process of research into the past, there … Continue reading

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Hidden in Plain Sight: a Spiritual Exercise

Autostereograms Do you remember when these hidden 3D images were all the rage? I couldn’t always see what was there, but once in a while the picture would suddenly ‘appear’ and I ‘saw’. That’s what spiritual vision does, too. Trust … Continue reading

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Two-One-Five: Message (Finally) Received

Transformation All right! I’ve been pondering this for as many years as I’ve known about it, and it has finally dawned on me: 215 (the title on the spine of the book that my second wife, Suzann, saw in her … Continue reading

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