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Hidden in Plain Sight: a Spiritual Exercise

Autostereograms Do you remember when these hidden 3D images were all the rage? I couldn’t always see what was there, but once in a while the picture would suddenly ‘appear’ and I ‘saw’. That’s what spiritual vision does, too. Trust … Continue reading

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Our Lady of Lourdes

St. Bernadette’s Marian Vision There must have been something in the water. As it turns out, there still is. Healing powers, for one thing. The Pyrennes are known for spiritual energy. And the Cathars were part of a culture that … Continue reading

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A Visitation?

It was the one and only time that I had a spiritual vision. My problem was that I didn’t know what it meant at the time. Years later, I came to understand the message that it brought. The Event By … Continue reading

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