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My Blue Heaven?

Caerul “Night Sky” tried its damnedest to present an idea(l) world where the ‘afterlife’ is a city on a planet somewhere in space. If the place was so wonderful, why did Jude choose to escape from it? When a screenwriter … Continue reading

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Like a Moth to the Flame

The Refiner’s Fire It has taken me a long time to return to an insight I glimpsed in 1992. Each soul is attracted to, and ultimately, absorbed by the Spiritual Light. It might take a very long time (in human … Continue reading

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Irony: “Are You Ghosting Your Boyfriend?”

The In Between (2022) This film is “Ghost” for teenagers. On a whim, we watched it on Netflix last night. I’m glad we did. The survival of consciousness after death is a fact, but is only really provable to someone … Continue reading

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Revealed: The True Spirit Behind the Communion Experience

Anne Strieber (August 25, 1946 – August 11, 2015) Sometimes, one wonders if the death of a spouse is such a traumatic experience that everything that occurs after it seems to take on extra significance. Such is the case with … Continue reading

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Checking This Pilgrim’s Progress: a Wheat or a Tare*?

The Harvest David Wilcock is back on track, folks. He’s re-focused on the omnipresent Harvest of souls. Which means, for me, that the world is right again, and we’re on schedule for our Ascension. They say one picture is worth … Continue reading

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What Really Happened to Jesus After the Crucifixion?

Chapter 24: The Empty Tomb So there was a Passover Plot after all! Through the magic of hypnotic regression, we have been allowed to know what really happened, as described in this book. Eyewitness accounts of the secrets of the … Continue reading

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“What Does Happen To Us After We Die?”

Surviving Death (2021) After writing about this subject matter for quite a number of years, it’s a relief that there now is a series on Netflix which goes into the permutations and combinations of explorations into what happens after death. … Continue reading

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Is the NDE Tunnel an Individualized Wormhole?

Gateway to the Spirit World The second phase Dr. Newton cataloged— the Gateway to the Spirit World— is where we see the dark tunnel, enter it, and reach the light at the end. Not everyone experiences this sequence of events … Continue reading

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Heaven and…Hell-o!

Hello from Heaven! (1995) Have you ever had a spontaneous encounter with the other side? They’re being called after-death communications (ADC) in order to differentiate them from near death experiences (NDE) and medium messages. They are not because someone is … Continue reading

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“They’ll Get There When They Get There”

Miracles from Heaven (2016) Do you want to see what Heaven is like for a nine-year-old girl? The above clip shows it. As a way of understanding how we see the things we do after leaving our bodies, the Claude … Continue reading

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