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Why Does It Take So Long for the Penny to Drop?

Communion When I first read Whitley Strieber’s book (“Communion”) in 1987, I didn’t pick up the huge hint that Anne Strieber had implanted into the title. In fact, it wasn’t until this morning that the penny finally dropped. What was … Continue reading

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Revealed: The True Spirit Behind the Communion Experience

Anne Strieber (August 25, 1946 – August 11, 2015) Sometimes, one wonders if the death of a spouse is such a traumatic experience that everything that occurs after it seems to take on extra significance. Such is the case with … Continue reading

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Seven Years’ Worth of Statistics

This is My 2,465th Post Well, that’s not entirely true, since I deleted a small number of posts along the way, especially when they attracted too much dissension and controversy (and sometimes when they were just spam comment magnets). I … Continue reading

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