Revealed: The True Spirit Behind the Communion Experience

Anne Strieber (August 25, 1946 – August 11, 2015)

Sometimes, one wonders if the death of a spouse is such a traumatic experience that everything that occurs after it seems to take on extra significance.

Such is the case with Whitley Strieber and his wife, Anne.

In their case, he is convinced that she has been in contact with him, and that, now that she is on ‘the other side of life’ she is helping him make sense of the whole ‘death’ process.

But, before we explore that, let’s take a look at the woman herself:

Not knowing her birth time, I have rectified her chart to show the age she married Whitley (Mars, age 24) with the age she started to have strange experiences with him (Neptune, age 23). As you can see, she has that similar Venus/Mars conjunction that Whitley has, but this time they are in opposition to her Ascendant in Aries, square her Midheaven in Capricorn. Interesting. There are no inconjuncts, so no hidden issues, to speak of.

Combining her chart with Whitley’s we get a clearer picture of their relationship:

For slow moving planets 14-and-a-half months does not seem to make that much difference for the two individuals. So we have to look at the faster moving planets and lights to get a handle on their partnership dynamic.

Whitley’s Sun is conjunct Anne’s Uranus in Gemini; her Saturn is conjunct his Moon in Leo; her Ascendant is aligned with his 12th House cusp in Aries; and her Midheaven is about 4° from his South Node in Capricorn. Obviously, she reincarnated with him to help him in this phase of his learning experience. How else could you explain it?

She even named the book about his first ‘known’ contacts with the visitors “Communion”. She must have known something intuitively that would prove vital later, after her death.

She Hadn’t Wanted Him To Have the Implanted ‘Device’ Removed…

At about 4 in the morning on Wednesday, September 18, 2019, a stunning event took place that explained a great deal more about the implant. Since I experienced the movement of the implant I’d been feeling a paresthesia in the area, I had become more and more nervous about it. During my meditations in the nights leading up to the 18th, I was complaining and saying that I was going to get it removed if the sensations didn’t stop. (They were later diagnosed as a pinched nerve in my neck.)

On the 17th, I did my usual 11 PM meditation, then at 3, the second one. I was in bed, just getting to sleep when I heard a soft knock on the door. I looked at the clock. It was 3:44. I got up and went to the door. I have heard these knocks many times and generally peer out the peephole before opening the door, always to find nobody there.

This time, I swung the door open and there stood two men. Before I could so much as gasp in surprise, I felt a change come over me that was akin to the twilight sleep one might be given during a minor surgery. It was not so powerful that I couldn’t walk or move or talk, but I was definitely no longer in a normal state.

Incredibly, I recognized one of the two young men. I had last seen him when he was about twelve. He had been with his two sisters and an individual who may have been from the Department of Defense. They were special children with capabilities that most of us do not possess, primarily an ability to read minds. When I saw him when he looked about twelve, it was 1996, so he was now in his mid-thirties.

I wish I could say more about the circumstances under which I saw him then, but there is very little more to say. The children were introduced to me in a public space and immediately began talking to me in my mind while the adult they were with watched me with twinkling eyes and we all laughed with delight. Because it was delightful. They were delightful. I was just thrilled to see that there were human kids with this capability. I don’t know how many there are, but I hope many, and that many more are being born. I have no idea how it works, or even theoretically how it might, but it is a wonderful thing and a real advance in human evolution. May these kids thrive and may their tribe increase!

Anyway, I recognized him at once, and I was absolutely amazed to see him. He gave no indication that he recognized me, and by that point, I wasn’t capable of speaking or even moving very much. They were being very careful with me, and with good reason. I would damn well take a picture, steal an artifact—anything I could manage—and anybody from that side who works with me must know that perfectly well. They sure did.

In any case, they had a small portable typewriter with them. It looked like something that was commonplace before computers. I was told that it was what was used to generate the words that race past in the slit in my eye. I looked down at it. He put it in my hands. I said that I didn’t see any sort of radio or anything. It was just an old typewriter. Very trim and surprisingly light.

He then explained that the words I see aren’t generated outside of my mind but are drawn up from deep in my unconscious. When they are typed, they appear in the slit. Thus, they are drawn from a level of my mind that I cannot reach to the edge of consciousness where I can make use of them.

I asked how in the world that might work without any communications device. He explained to me that it was in the typewriter’s platen. So I asked again how it worked. He said that he didn’t know but that it had been developed by a Dr. Raudive.

This name was vaguely familiar to me. When I Googled it the next day, I found that this was a Dr. Konstantin Raudive, who had been a colleague of Carl Jung and who had worked for years on what is known as EVP, or electronic voice phenomena. This involves the design of devices that enable people on the other side of the barrier between the living and the dead to communicate. After his own death, individuals using EVP found that they could communicate sporadically with him. He was continuing to work on the creation of this technology from the other side.

In fact, the only other person I know who has the slit open up in his visual field that has the words racing through it is a man who has studied EVP for most of his adult life and is an expert on the work of Dr. Konstantin Raudive. He reports that an object appeared under the skin of his right forefinger sometime in 2018, but is not sure if he could see the slit before that or not. (Of course, I discovered that he could also see the slit the day after I learned about Dr. Raudive, another of the strange coincidences that fall like rain on a clear day when the implant is involved.)

The two men explained that it had been repositioned because it was stressing my right eye. The intraocular lens in this eye, the membrane behind it, and the retina have all been affected by calcium deposits over the past few years when I have been using the implant almost constantly. (An intraocular lens is a replacement lens that is used to correct cataracts.)

They then asked me if I still intended to have the implant taken out. As the IOC can be replaced and the membrane removed and the retina is not symptomatic, I said that I would not. They then left. I stood there staring at the door. My mind was racing. I was still in twilight sleep and had to move very carefully until it wore off a bit. I tried to go to my couch and get back into the sensing exercise, but I could not manage it. I was exhausted and instead fell into bed and into a deep sleep.

A few days later, the study of the CT scan came back: The implant they didn’t want me to take out isn’t there.

Or is it? I wonder what would happen if I had the calcium deposit that remains removed. Or would it race off to some other part of my ear like the metallic object did in 1997?

One thing is sure: If you don’t like mysteries, especially unsolvable ones, stay away from the close encounter experience.

I no longer think that the implant has anything much to do with nonhumans. The fact that I didn’t learn to use it until after Anne passed away, and that it continues what she did when she was alive, which was to be a fabulously brilliant muse to this struggling scribbler, and what I learned on the morning of the 18th has convinced me that it is a communicator between the living and the dead.

Strieber, Whitley. A New World (pp. 66-70). Walker & Collier, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

That may seem like a lot of information about the implant and its effect, but I have a point to make, and it involves Anne.

It was in September of 2015 that I had noticed a dramatic change that seemed related to it. I happened to be in a room with a white wall that the sun was shining on, when I realized that I could see a neat oblong slit in my right eye. It was filled with movement. When I concentrated, I could see words racing past, but too fast to read more than the fact that they appeared to be typing. It was perhaps the most familiar of all fonts: Courier.

I peered at the speeding words in disbelief, then awe. This was clearly not a hallucination—or if it was one, it was, to say the least, unique. It appeared to me to be that technology was being applied. When I did manage to read an occasional word, they seemed random. Over time, though, I realized that this was not the case. The words were related to what I was writing, but not directly. For example, I started writing a historical novel, In Hitler’s House. When publishers saw that it was written by Whitley Strieber, nobody would buy it. This isn’t only because of prejudice, of which there is undoubtedly some, but due primarily to the fact that my sales have been weak for years. I published it myself under the pseudonym of Jonathan White Lane.

What I found, as I worked on the book, was that the words flashing past would increase the richness of my associative process. If I thought, for example, about the way a certain character might react to an insult and came up with the word “arrogance,” words like “ignorant,” “fire,” “loneliness,” “childhood” would be speeding past. The way that they were and are indirectly related to my thoughts enriches the associative process and adds depth to my writing. But it does more than provide enhanced association like this. It is also a marvelous research tool.

The novel is a faux memoir by a young German American who innocently falls in with Hitler in 1931, becomes an allied spy in 1935, and stays close to Hitler until the end of the war. To write it, I needed to know details about life in the 1930s and life with Hitler that were so true-to-life that they would seem to have been written by somebody who was actually there. I found that the implant would respond to direct questions but in quite a unique way. For example, I asked it, “What kind of toothpaste did Hitler use?” A day later, even though I was looking in Google English, it turned to German, where I found a reference to a book written by one of Hitler’s valets. I bought the book, which was in German. As it happened, the next night I was with somebody who spoke fluent German and was willing to translate it for me.

If this had happened only once, I would think that it was a coincidence. But, like the associative enrichment, it happens with such consistency that I feel it is part of the way the implant works. It has also provided me with unique insights, such as the material on the social consequences of overpopulation, the relevance of the mystery of the fine-structure constant to understanding the nature of reality that will figure later in this book and many, many other things. In fact, I can say that this book has two authors: me and my implant. As to who might be doing all that work, I once asked it, “Who are you?” The reply came back at once, and slowly enough to read clearly: “It’s me, Anne.”

I remembered Anne’s gentle but persistent opposition to my having it removed, and I have to say, at that moment, I thanked her from the depths of my soul that she had convinced me not to do it. As to whether or not she was conscious at the time of what it would eventually be used for and who would use it, I cannot be sure. But one thing is not in question: whatever condition it is in, it is an extremely useful tool. I have also recently learned, under some truly wonderful circumstances, much more about its origin, functionality and who installed it.

As things stand now, I would never allow it to be removed. I use it all the time. It is constantly leading me in new directions in my work, answering unanswerable questions and enriching my creative process.

Strieber, Whitley. A New World (pp. 63-65). Walker & Collier, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

I’ve experienced this, I really have, but I don’t have a visual prompt of the words. What I get is a thought, a link from one piece of information to another, but mostly during my middle of the night restlessness, when I can’t sleep (usually about 3:49 am). [Hi, Mom…]

David Wilcock Has the Same Ability

When you are so surrounded by the heavenly host, it is indeed rather foolish for you to be so concerned about an imminent alien invasion, if you will. There would never be a possibility for something like this to take place, as you are indeed heavily protected and quarantined from the outside world, if you will, at this point in time. We come to you on a narrow-band vibration, a band that you can perceive early in the morning as you rise into full waking consciousness; a band that will be speaking to you with greater and greater clarity in every moment.

But can you hear the call? Do you understand the words of the Father as they are spoken from His lips to thine own mind? Canst thou assemble the sentences properly, as they have been heard in the early waking delirium that is so commonly discarded with the fury of the alarm clock and the hot shower? Indeed, do you rest comfortably with the notion of species-to-species contact and communion, or even spirit-to-spirit contact, knowing full well that the being you wish to contact is the Christ himself?

What surprise comes to you at the realization that this very Christ is now designed to become literally your personal savior, but not in the sense that the fundamentalists would have it? Rather, it is that spark in you. It is you, and you are it; there is no separation. Therefore, you can call it what you will, but its effects are the same. Your own Divine spark is awakening within you, and thus the phrase in the Bible: “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one can come unto the Father but by me.”

Free, Wynn; Wilcock, David. The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?: Interdimensional Communication and Global Transformation (pp. 290-291). North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition

Even “A Course in Miracles” was Dictated

And, as I was reminded this week, Dr. Helen Schucman, the stenographer for “A Course in Miracles“, says that she never actually heard a “Voice”, but more of a process of dictation from within, which was very rapid, and she copied the words in shorthand. Everyone, Dr. Schucman included, felt that the true author was Jesus. And the dictated words could be repeated as required, if Dr.Schucman missed anything. Although she found the process somewhat annoying, she knew she could stop the dictation at any time, and often did, only for it to start up again where it left off when she returned to it. In my opinion, her ‘frustrated anger’ at the source of the “Voice” implies a past life experience with ‘him’ or her, whomever they might be.

As has been shown elsewhere, these connections will not be broken, even in death, because of Love.

Courtesy of amazon.con

Look familiar? Heaven and Hell-o!

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