Is This “Proof” of Mary Magdalene Reincarnating. or What?

Helen Cohn Schucman (July 14, 1909 – February 9, 1981)

Image courtesy of Foundation for Inner Peace

As you may know, I have read A Course in Miracles thoroughly. I have even read the only biography of Dr Schucman‘s life. And, so, I think I have a grasp of this individual.

I do not know if another being took over communication here, but deep inside me something told me that this was Helen Schucman speaking:

‘There are no missing links. Everything is certain. All that has been hidden will become obvious. And it happens NOW! Therefore, take all the exhibits and present them openly. The circumstances will never be better. The ideas of “Days of Yore” and “The End of the World” are limited states of mind just like “Birth and death” are. There are no such limitations in reality. The Primal Sea is without limits and the Primal Sea is identical with the enlightened consciousness. It is, however, not continuous. There are no other lives than the one within the One. We are all a part of this One Life and this is how it shall be for ever and ever. The enlightened consciousness is NOW in all of eternity. It is Eternal Life. Eternal Life embraces all forms of existence at all levels, including all temporary transitions that we erroneously interpret as stagnation and separation. Have no doubts. There is no room for doubt in healing. Unite with the light. Step into it without fear. Be it, give it and receive Eternal Life.’

Muhl, Lars. The O Manuscript (p. 688). Watkins Media. Kindle Edition.

I have rectified her birth time to two major events in Helen’s life: visiting Lourdes at age 12 (Uranus in Capricorn) and meeting her future husband at age 33 (Mars in Pisces).

Note the one inconjunct, only:

Moon Inconjunct Uranus

With this aspect you must learn to control sudden outbursts of emotion that occur at difficult times when you least expect it. Also your present home life may not be a stable situation in which you can grow up emotionally secure and confident. A particular incident when you were very young may have given you the feeling that you can’t count on anything or anyone for support. Later in life, you may try very hard to get away from everything that reminds you of your earliest childhood, even if your childhood has not been difficult. You just feel that you have to get away and go somewhere else.

Your relationship with your mother may be rather unstable. She may be very involved in her own interests, which prevent her from being as close to you as she would be otherwise. She may be an unconventional person, a real free spirit. The problem is that your feelings about her are mixed, both loving and unloving. You may secretly resent her. Probably you don’t feel that you can express this consciously, but it could come out when you are angry or upset. Certainly this will result in not wanting to form close relationships with other people, especially women. And the people you do choose as close friends are likely to be exciting and different from anyone you have known in the past. However, they may also be rather upsetting.

You should be encouraged to express your inner feelings and release the tensions that build up within you. In this way you will not be hurt by energies that you aren’t aware of in yourself.

Could Helen Have Been ‘Overshadowed’ by Mary Magdalene?

I have an interesting question about the Voice: could it have been Mary Magdalene, and not Jesus, that was speaking to, and through, her? I ask this because Helen seems to have had a few issues with the Voice. Instinctively, their interactions felt more like Martha and Mary fighting as sisters. Of course, this is not proof of that relationship, but it seems to fit the energy between the Voice and Helen.

And, of course, even Helen had moments of divine inspiration: while riding on public transport in New York, she suddenly was overtaken with Love for all the other occupants. It didn’t last, but she’s had a genuine glimpse of God’s bliss-filled Peace.

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  1. Ray says:

    Wonderful fresh ideas Chris! This gives me a new view of Helen!!!

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