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Be Ye Not Unequally Yoked…

Together With Unbelievers: (2 Corinthians 6:14) KJV My memory banks opened on this scripture today, when I happened to meet our neighbours dogs, Sophie and Seven, being walked by their owner, as I was walking Cloe. You see, Sophia is … Continue reading

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Does This Psychological Condition Exist?

The Seven Year Itch When this film came out in 1955, the drawing card was an image of Marilyn Monroe standing over a subway grate with her dress blowing in the breeze. At the time, she was every man’s fantasy. … Continue reading

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Stranger (to myself)

  I moved away from Canada in nineteen-eighty-five: I wanted to see how the other half survived; The Brits were somewhat welcoming to me, There were so many places I wanted to be.   But I didn’t realize how much … Continue reading

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His Story Through Her Eyes

Jamestown I caught the first episode of this British series on PBS last night. It seems to be a reasonable facsimile of what life in the 1700’s would have been like in Virginia. (Interestingly, it was almost totally filmed in … Continue reading

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Royal Wedding 2018

The Kiss Well, here we go again. With all the nasty news happening around us, it was a relief to have a ‘happy ending’ for a change. Fairy tale weddings are always welcome, but this one seemed to be a … Continue reading

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  Let’s face it, I’m scared; Although I know I could have fared Better the first time if I’d been With someone as loving as you: But the trepidation, that’s unseen By your eyes, is all that I can view. … Continue reading

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Breaking Point

  Sometimes the worst can, in time, be the best, Until it begins to shake down the joint… Zodiac signs are a good case in point: Are we not, then, like the East and the West? Nothing, or no one … Continue reading

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