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A Bachelorette Show from the Last Century

The Phantom of the Opera (2004) Due to the snowfall last evening, our cable TV feed was intermittent, so we decided to watch a DVD from our extensive video library. It was Susan’s suggestion to watch this one. I’d seen … Continue reading

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Star Wars as Spiritual Truth

Harpur’s Heaven and Hell This book from 1983 is a series of essays written by Tom Harpur and published in The Toronto Star newspaper. I’ve had a copy of it since about 2007. It’s still one of my great reference … Continue reading

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It’s Pantomime Season, Again

And the Men with Big Hair are Dressing Up as Dames. Nothing further needs to be said.

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Happily Ever After?

Once Upon A Time – Season 7 Finale All fairy tales start with the words “Once upon a time” and end with “They lived happily ever after”. After seven years, Once Upon A Time came to its series conclusion. Being … Continue reading

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