I was Joking about the LSD…

Stan Lee (December 28, 1922 – November 12, 2018)

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My daughter, Rosanna, reminded me that Stan Lee died in 2018. One must never speak ill of the dead.

I’d originally randomized his chart to the time of 1:18 pm. Then I saw how close Venus was to the Descendant. That’s why I rectified the chart to 1:45 pm, highlighting his getting married @ age 25.

That Grand Trine linking his Mars/Uranus conjunction with Jupiter and Pluto looks about right. But the inconjunct between Mercury and Neptune (and not dependent on a correct birth time) is very important.

Mercury Inconjunct Neptune

The challenge of this aspect is to make your thinking and communication with others more clear. Your rational mind is strongly influenced by your sensitivity, imagination and ideals, although you aren’t always sure how this happens. You tend to spend too much time in your own imaginary world that no one else can share, and this confuses your dealings with others. You will have to learn to face reality, so that you can at least communicate with people. Otherwise you will have a very lonely life.

Sometimes this aspect means hat you are so nervously sensitive that you pick up all the negative psychological energies around you and react to them very strongly. If this is true for you. the only way to deal with it is to be moved to a peaceful, positive environment. If there is too much noise or too many bad vibrations in your life, you will withdraw more and more and refuse to face reality.

Your self-confidence needs to be built up as much as possible so that you can face people without fear, tell the truth about yourself and be honest in other ways as well.

Even if you do adjust easily to reality, you should always have a quiet place where you can be alone with your thoughts. Here you can let your imagination run free and become a creative force instead of a force that works against you.

In school you are not likely to be at your best in math and science, but you could be quite strong in creative arts, literature and other areas where your sensitivity would be an advantage.

Do You Want Proof?

He said: “Comic books for me are fairy tales for adults.” Never a truer word has ever been spoken…

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