“If I Could Turn Back Time…”

Doctor Strange (2016)

I caught the second half of this film last night on CTV. Since I don’t remember commenting about the film on these pages before, I will do so today.

To me, I was reminded of three films: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Inception, and Tron, combined. The Dormammu is an update on the MCP (Master Control Program). And that’s the film’s lesson.

The Destroyer of Worlds wants to destroy Earth. But, evidently, only Doctor Strange can go outside Time and Space to confront Him. By keeping them in a time loop, Doctor Strange wears down the patience of this energy, until he gets what he came for: the saving of Earth and mankind.

But at what cost? There’s always a cost…

Stan Lee must be on LSD. How else can he invent these characters? Maybe he’s a reincarnated Gnostic.

Really? Hmm.

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