The Wellspring*: Chakras – Awakening from a Dream

October 24, 2021: *New Channelling (XXIV)

Through the energetic centres (called chakras) comes information.

These are connected to the universal field which unites the impulse of creation. With the increase in energy, the chakras begin to “glow” brighter and have more power. In a state of stability, the forces can manifest through the power of thought and require clear judgement about the desired effect. If this energy is misused towards selfish ends, the impact will be greater and consequently more severe. But with the higher intent, all move toward the desired outcome of the New World Order that has been prophesied.

The tiredness many are now feeling is due to these new energies, and the integration does take more out of you than you have been used to.

Another effect is a feeling of detachment from previous issues of importance, as you are refocusing your awareness to new directions. This detachment can feel somewhat negative at first, as you feel unmotivated. This will gradually pass, as you are drawn towards new projects and spheres of interest, rather like awakening from a dream.

“I Am” chakra affirmations

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