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Fingers Crossed: Is This the End of COVID-19?

COVID-19 Variants It’s Memorial Day weekend in the United States, and everyone is breaking out of the government control of their lives. (Last weekend in Canada we celebrated Victoria Day in much the same way, even though those of us … Continue reading

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Are We O-Bligh-ed to Look at These Two?

William Bligh (September 9, 1754 – December 7, 1817) Normally, I relish the chance to explore relationships between ‘enemies’ but the relationship between William Bligh and Fletcher Christian is quite nuanced, and therefore difficult to read. The timing of this … Continue reading

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Something in the Air? The Age of Rebellion

Mutiny on the Bounty (April 28, 1789) “Louis the 16th was the King of France in 1789” (Allan Sherman “You Went the Wrong Way, Old King Louis”). The beginning of the French Revolution happened in the same year. In the … Continue reading

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Today is Unusual: My Mind is a Blank Slate

What Shall I Write? Of course, I could always fall back on a good source: my dreams. Last night’s was interesting in that I returned to it after several conscious moments tending to the toilet and calming our two dogs’ … Continue reading

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What Happened When a Revolution was “Stolen”

June Rebellion (June 5-6, 1832) Paris is a hotbed of rebellion: always was; always will be. The French Republic took more than 45 years to finally settle into the permanent version we know today. This skirmish was romanticized in the … Continue reading

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Possible Motive(s) for the Event of Last Wednesday

Storming of the Capitol Building (January 6, 2021) People in a crowd are carried along by the energy of the crowd itself. On the inside of the crowd, a couple, friends of a family member, were there on the day, … Continue reading

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Freedom? No, Anarchy…

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