Beware the Ides of April

The Siege of Jerusalem (April 14, 70 CE)

I cannot imagine how I would have felt on this date in 70 AD. As Tiberius Julius Alexander, the siege would have been a necessary evil. The Jewish rebellion had been going on for 4 years. It was time to bring peace back to the region. At this point in time, Rome needed to regain control of Jerusalem.

When I see a line-up of planets and lights like this, I get a clear sense of the cosmic energies at play: the Sun/Neptune conjunction in opposition to the Moon/Saturn conjunction all squared to Jupiter. It’s not hard to see who was who. I chose 9:00 am local time, to see what was going on. I suspect that the true siege began when the Ascendant crossed Jupiter @ 26° Cancer, later in the day. That position of Mars @ 2° Aries may represent my past lifetime as Titus’ second-in-command. It is near where my North Node is in the present lifetime, but is more closely aligned with John Dee’s time as Pluto. Anyway, I digress.

This event proved to be the making of Titus. And the planets align to prove that. There are two interactive Yods (Fingers of God), one pointing at the event’s Ascendant, the other pointing at Titus’ Moon. The event’s Jupiter is involved in a double inconjunct with Titus’ Pluto/Midheaven conjunction. Titus’ Saturn is conjunct the Moon/Saturn conjunct in the Siege’s chart, while Titus’ Neptune is conjunct the Siege’s Pluto. Nothing is accidental.

Now, this begs the question: if Yahweh is on the Jewish side, how could this have happened? History (from our modern perspective) suggests that it was in punishment for killing Jesus, and a case can be made for that idea. Perhaps, as has been mooted previously, Titus really was the Second Coming of Jesus. Where does that leave Fundamental Christians today? The Apocalypse has already happened.

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