I’ve Said It Before: My Knowledge Runs Deep


This image represents the Demiurge. He is the ruler of this world. He is not God. We are God.

What I find fascinating is that the ‘script’ running along both sides of this image represents the astrological signs (Aries to Virgo on the right side, Libra to Pisces on the left, but upside-down). I wonder who wrote this? (Part of me thinks that it was John Dee.) In fact, this looks as if planetary aspects and/or positions are being highlighted.

When I first wrote “The Star of Bethlehem” I became aware that I had a wealth of knowledge at my fingertips, far beyond my wildest dreams. I often wondered why. It is now, only after acknowledging Tiberius Julius Alexander as my 1st century past life, that it starts to make sense. If he is the true author of Jesus’ life story, he wrote it to demonstrate spiritual truths from all religions, not as scripture, but as allegory. That is a Gnostic’s way of trying to explain why Jesus had no kingdom on this earth. He was trying to show people how to become kings over the All.

Is that clear enough for you?

About cdsmiller17

I am an Astrologer who also writes about world events. My first eBook "At This Point in Time" is available through most on-line book stores. I have now serialized my second book "The Star of Bethlehem" here. And I am experimenting with birth and death charts. If you wish to contact me, or request a birth chart, send an email to cdsmiller17@gmail.com. (And, in case you are also interested, I have an extensive list of celebrity birth and death details if you wish to 'confirm' what you suspect may be a past-life experience of yours.) Bless.
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