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Crazy in Love? Or Just Unlucky?

Abraham Lincoln (February 12, 1809 – April 15, 1865) It’s a question I’ve had ever since I watched the Daniel Day-Lewis film “Lincoln”. His relationship with Mary Todd (played superbly by Sally Field) was always problematic, and yet he never … Continue reading

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The Empire Strikes Back Against a Wannabe Emperor

Exact Moment that Trump was Impeached for the 2nd Time Watching history being made on television can be an ‘interesting’ experience. All the news channels covered the process, including Canadian and British ones. The whole world must have held its … Continue reading

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Paranoia: Fairy Tales in the Modern Age

“I Understand the Concept of Politics, Now” Maybe I’m being cynical; maybe I’m being paranoid. Last Wednesday’s debacle in Washington, D.C. has made me take a serious look at the state of mind of a country at war with itself. … Continue reading

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Caesar: The Die was Cast in 49 B.C.E.

Julius Caesar Crossing the Rubicon Honestly, you wouldn’t think such an insignificant stream could change the course of history, would you? Julius Caesar knew the significance of his actions, though. He knew that bringing his troops back home to Rome … Continue reading

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20/20 Vision: Impeachment

The Road Ahead The House of Representatives vote to impeach Donald Trump showed the full extent of the political divide in the United States. Most Democrats voted ‘yes’ and all Republicans ‘no’. This Presidency has been the most polarizing since… … Continue reading

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Whose Finger is on the Trigger?

Full Moon in Gemini on 12/12 @ 12:12 EST We tend to forget (I have no idea why) that the planets, the signs and the stars are just symbols, and depending on which lens one is looking through, they can … Continue reading

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Just a Love-Sick Roman Soldier

Mark Antony (January 14, 83 BCE – August 10, 30 BCE) In my opinion, this individual‘s reputation has not been served very well by history. As always the victor’s version of events is what gets written down for succeeding generations. … Continue reading

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The English Civil War

On Whose Authority?   Considering an age-old problem, I Regarded the content of a film that Observed the difficulty of the Fat Measuring the Slim, when taxed to the sky. Who can say what’s right for every guy? Either the … Continue reading

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