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Uncomfortable Truth: Getting into Bed with the Devil…

The 2nd Impeachment of Donald Trump Yesterday’s proceedings in the Senate at the Capitol Building made for some very uncomfortable viewing. The videos, and police radio calls, were upsetting. It’s one thing to experience an insurrection from one’s personal point-of-view, … Continue reading

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The Empire Strikes Back Against a Wannabe Emperor

Exact Moment that Trump was Impeached for the 2nd Time Watching history being made on television can be an ‘interesting’ experience. All the news channels covered the process, including Canadian and British ones. The whole world must have held its … Continue reading

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Pompeo vs. National Public Radio

He says that Mary Louise Kelly Lied to Him Twice. What? A politician claiming that a seasoned journalist lied to him? Pot-kettle-black… My cousin, John Miller, writing as The Journalism Doctor, has something to say about it. Trumping Truth Mary … Continue reading

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Whose Finger is on the Trigger?

Full Moon in Gemini on 12/12 @ 12:12 EST We tend to forget (I have no idea why) that the planets, the signs and the stars are just symbols, and depending on which lens one is looking through, they can … Continue reading

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What About THAT Phone Call?

Between Zelensky & Trump I’ve kept out of the impeachment debate, until now. The US Congress was taken a vote on the legal process against Trump, and has decided to open the investigation to public scrutiny. (In real terms, they … Continue reading

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All’s Fair in Politics?

Do I Have to Say the Words? Donald Trump has done it again, but this time he has spoken for more than just the ‘Silent Majority’. He has also spoken for the Native American population. But he won’t get that. … Continue reading

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Why They Won’t Impeach Trump

Vice-President and Mrs Pence The little storm in a teacup that brewed yesterday is a hint at what kind of President Mike Pence would be. The BBC News headline read: Vice-president’s wife Karen Pence to teach at anti-LGBT school Is … Continue reading

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