The Empire Strikes Back Against a Wannabe Emperor

Exact Moment that Trump was Impeached for the 2nd Time

Image courtesy of ABC News

Watching history being made on television can be an ‘interesting’ experience. All the news channels covered the process, including Canadian and British ones. The whole world must have held its collective breath until the gavel came down at 4:36 pm EST.

Each day the Sun and Moon move onward around the circular dial, and when an astrologer stops the clock at a specific moment in time, their energies become visible.

Sun Conjunct Pluto

You are more likely to go to extremes than most people because you don’t like to do anything halfway. You want every experience to be complete and intense. For this reason you are more serious than most persons of your age, so you get involved only in activities that seem important.

You are strong-willed and like to get your own way, so you may find it difficult to make compromises with others in order to get along. But that is precisely what you must learn to do; otherwise you will be alone ad cut off from people who won’t want to associate with you. You have a strong desire to be a leader, which you can do quite well, as long as you keep other people’s needs in mind along with your own. You are particularly good at leading others in carrying out an important task. You like to take on ambitious projects that test your abilities.

If someone keeps you from getting what you want, you don’t respond right away. Instead, you carefully look for the best way to get around the obstacles and wait for the best time to act. This kind of planning gives people the impression that you are secretive, which may bother them. In fact you do enjoy being mysterious. You must learn to be a bit more open so that people will trust you. If you insist on being mysterious, people may imagine things about you that aren’t true.

Moon Conjunct Saturn

You may have an unusual ability to control yourself very strictly, to sit on your feelings and make decisions according to reason alone. You can be very objective and see a situation as it really is, uncolored by emotion. Just be sure to take your feelings about matters seriously as well, because they are important.

With this aspect you tend to refuse emotional help from others. You may feel that your own inner feelings are not important because they belong only to you. You have a very “old” idea of self-control and self-discipline. You may also feel that the adults in your life are impatient with your being young, and that is why you try to hold back your feelings. But if you do this, you are mistreating yourself, and you will feel depressed, lonely and unhappy. You should control your feelings somewhat, but you should also express them.

As Usual, It’s All About Trump

While writing out the descriptions of these two aspects, I got the distinct impression that they are describing Donald Trump, and not the House of Representatives and the Congressional men and women. What’s new and what happens now?

Isn’t it obvious that these questions are ‘moot’? Trump will be finished as President #45 on the 20th of January. So he cannot remain in office, no matter which way the eventual vote goes. And it appears that his lawyers will argue that he cannot be convicted because he isn’t President any more. That kind of makes sense at a superficial level.

But the real purpose is more likely to bar him from ever holding public office again.

Interesting mindset from Trump, back in September 2019… Civil War!

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