Let My People Go…

Harriet Tubman (d. Mar. 10, 1913) Rosa Parks (Feb. 4, 1913 – Oct. 24, 2005)

We watched “Harriet” on Netflix last night. I almost didn’t, due to the fact that I abhor slavery. But, I opted in, just about the time when Minty decides to make a run for it. The film tried walking a very fine line between telling her story and not offending Southern Whites. As an example of that, most of the dialog was spoken as if someone might overhear what was being said. And, except for the slave owner at the beginning dying, only one white man was injured (his son, when he confronted Harriet on the road to others being freed). It shows how sensitive the whole issue of ‘race’ still is, even now.

No one know exactly when Harriet Tubman was born, so it is impossible to do her birth chart.

Born enslaved in Dorchester County, Maryland, Tubman was beaten and whipped by her various masters as a child. Early in life, she suffered a traumatic head wound when an irate overseer threw a heavy metal weight intending to hit another enslaved person, but hit her instead. The injury caused dizziness, pain, and spells of hypersomnia, which occurred throughout her life. After her injury, Tubman began experiencing strange visions and vivid dreams, which she ascribed to premonitions from God. These experiences, combined with her Methodist upbringing, led her to become devoutly religious.


Another astrology site focused on Tubman’s Mercurial personality, equating her abilities to the magical “Moses” persona she adopted. The Union raid she led into Confederate territory, during the American civil war, may have been the day after a lunar eclipse. How’s that for special?

The only thing we know for sure is when she died, although not the exact time.

As the exact time isn’t known, I will not delineate the inconjunct between Uranus (@ 6° Aquarius) and the Ascendant. (“Free at last.”) However, the interesting thing is that Harriet died 5 weeks after Rosa Parks was born! Could the ‘freedom’ baton have been passed between them?

Rosa Parks‘ birth chart is randomized. That Moon/Pluto connection may be incorrect, but it is interesting, none the less.

Moon Inconjunct Pluto

This aspect means that your emotions are very intense and not always easy to deal with. Often your feelings make you want to do or say something without knowing why. Also you may have very intense moods in which you withdraw from those around you into a world of your own.

The movie of her life is called “The Rosa Parks Story“.

Here is Rosa’s death chart, the timing positioned halfway between the reported estimates of 7 and 8 pm.

That Venus/Pluto conjunction being inconjunct the Mars/Ascendant conjunction is also interesting.

But my point of this post is to compare the death charts of these two liberating women.

When I say the beat goes on, this is what I am referencing. There is only one (almost) exact conjunction: Harriet’s ‘fatal’ Mars and Rosa’s ‘fatal’ Neptune are only 5 minutes apart. That’s got to mean something.*

What do you think?

*Post Script: the 15° Aquarius mark is also the position of Rosa’s natal Sun; FREEDOM!

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