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In Case You Thought Critical Race Theory was New…

James Baldwin vs. William F. Buckley Jr. Debate (October 26, 1965) In terms of the basis of thinking in 1965, this debate shows the way we were. The Chart Moon Inconjunct Jupiter This aspect indicates that you have a positive, … Continue reading

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And the Darkness Comprehended It Not

When There is Enough Light Shining In my dream (from early this morning), different Miller family members were assembled in a living room setting. There were several lamps scattered around the room. My ‘job’ was to turn the lamps on, … Continue reading

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And From Out of the Left Field Came This:

Azeb Mesfin (Dec 21, 1966) Meles Zenawi (May 9, 1955 – Aug 20, 2012) I never knew about these two, until today. Here’s a link to Meles Zenawi’s obituary written by the BBC. First he was President, and then Prime … Continue reading

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Are We All Playing on The Devil’s Team?

Even Sidney Poitier Made Mistakes* It’s a tricky thing, reviewing our lives. If we’re brutally honest with ourselves, it can be devastating. A dissertation on the nature of man, for your edification. You realize that a tiger, following its nature, … Continue reading

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Yesterday in History I

January 8, 1867 in Washington, D.C. My wife got me a new desk calendar, with daily entries from history. The entry for January 8th caught my attention. African American men got the right to vote in Washington, D.C. So, of … Continue reading

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Let My People Go…

Harriet Tubman (d. Mar. 10, 1913) Rosa Parks (Feb. 4, 1913 – Oct. 24, 2005) We watched “Harriet” on Netflix last night. I almost didn’t, due to the fact that I abhor slavery. But, I opted in, just about the … Continue reading

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Are Yaqui Naguals and Bon Ngagpas One and the Same?

Was it the combined Ng sound, or a spiritual intuition? I never know for sure what triggers my Cosmic leaps, but here’s another one: Tibertan Bon teachers were the progenitors of the Yaqui Naguals of Mexico… Urgyen Nam Chuk was … Continue reading

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The Historical Origins of Freemasonry

Grand Lodge of England (June 24, 1717) Let me be upfront with you: I am not a Mason, so I have no ‘insider’ information. But I’m not so sure about any of my past lives. I seem to ‘know’ more … Continue reading

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An Early Attempt at Racial/Sexual Integration in a Play of Mine

Black and White (1978) How do you fight a battle that has been going on since slavery days? You tackle it head-on. The following play excerpt is all that I have of an idea that I was thinking of ‘fleshing … Continue reading

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Mystery: Why Were Betty and Barney Hill Abducted by Aliens?

The Interrupted Journey This incident is purportedly the first time a couple were abducted by aliens and taken aboard a UFO. In a time period when there were very few visibly biracial marriages, I’m wondering if the abductors had a … Continue reading

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