And From Out of the Left Field Came This:

Azeb Mesfin (Dec 21, 1966) Meles Zenawi (May 9, 1955 – Aug 20, 2012)

Meles Zenawl and Azeb Mesfin

I never knew about these two, until today. Here’s a link to Meles Zenawi’s obituary written by the BBC. First he was President, and then Prime Minister, of Ethiopia. Some think he is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. But for our purposes, I am going to concentrate my attention first on his wife, Azeb Mesfin.

This timing is randomized. I don’t know enough about her to rectify her chart accurately. Notice that there are no inconjuncts, so no hidden motives. When we compare her chart to Eva Braun’s birth and death charts, we see something amazing.

Even randomized, there is a connection to Azeb’s Ascendant and Eva’s ‘fatal’ Mars. At the same time, Azeb’s Uranus is conjunct Eva’s natal Moon. And Azeb’s North Node @ 13° Leo 53′ is almost exactly conjunct Eva’s natal Saturn (and widely conjunct Eva’s ‘fatal’ Sun by 4°). In my opinion, this is ‘proof’ of reincarnation.

But What About Meles Zenawi?

Just for fun(?) I also compared Zenawi’s birth chart with Hitler’s birth and death charts, just to see what might align between them.

Again, Zenawi’s birth chart is randomized, so we cannot absolutely rely upon the Ascendant or Moon’s position, but even so: Zenawi has that familiar Pluto/Ascendant connection that makes for a wily smart politician; and Zenawi’s natal Moon is almost exactly conjunct Hitler’s ‘fatal’ Moon. In the meantime, Zenawi’s natal Venus is conjunct Hitler’s ‘fatal’ Mercury/Venus conjunction. So, yes, they’re connected.

The question then has to be asked: were Meles Zenawi and Azeb Mesfin meant to carry on the work of the German Third Reich, but this time in East Africa? Strange the way this astrology stuff works.

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