They Say There’s that Special Someone for Everyone

Eva Braun (February 6, 1912 – April 30, 1945)

18 And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.

Genesis 2:18 (KJV)

Strange, isn’t it? God was speaking here of creating Eve for Adam, and yet the binary world we live in requires a delicate balance between male and female, dark and light, good and evil.

Eva Braun may have been that delicate balance to Adolf Hitler’s whole persona.

The timing of her birth is considered excellent by all astrology sites, and was the same on my computer program. What seems ironic is the Mars position of her chart should have been around 40 years of age, not 33 as it happened. Mars in this instance represents both her marriage and her death. Such is life.

The North Node @ 25° Aries implies that she fulfilled her life’s purpose at age 19, when she got involved with Hitler.

At age 17, Braun took a job working for Heinrich Hoffmann, the official photographer for the Nazi Party. Initially employed as a shop assistant and sales clerk, she soon learned how to use a camera and develop photographs. She met Adolf Hitler, 23 years her senior, at Hoffmann’s studio in Munich in October 1929. He had been introduced to her as “Herr Wolff”.


Evidently, she attempted suicide (as a repeat of a loss that Hitler had in 1931 with the death of his half-niece, Geli) to gain Hitler’s attention.

Braun herself attempted suicide on 10 or 11 August 1932 by shooting herself in the chest with her father’s pistol. Historians feel the attempt was not serious, but was a bid for Hitler’s attention. After Braun’s recovery, Hitler became more committed to her and by the end of 1932 they had become lovers. She often stayed overnight at his Munich apartment when he was in town. Beginning in 1933, Braun worked as a photographer for Hoffmann. This position enabled her to travel—accompanied by Hoffmann—with Hitler’s entourage as a photographer for the Nazi Party


Do you see how astrology can make sense of something so bizarre? There are two inconjuncts.

Mercury Inconjunct Pluto

You have a rather complicated and sometimes tricky mind. You usually prefer to do things in roundabout and involved ways instead of being simple and direct.

On the negative side, however, you might misuse this ability by trying to control peoples’ thoughts and words. Also you may love mysteries so much that you get involved in complicated plots and arrangements with your friends. You may enjoy working in secret and creating an air of mystery about yourself, but this could backfire and make others misunderstand you or even fear what you are doing. It is important to show people that you are honest and that you are not hiding anything. Otherwise they will probably suspect you, even if you are totally innocent. And if you aren’t, they will know it for certain.

Jupiter Inconjunct Saturn

This aspect may signify great restlessness and unease, so that it is difficult for you to achieve a state of balance or feel calm and at ease. Often you have contradictory impulses; you want to plunge ahead into some relatively risky activity, but you are held back by feelings of caution or inhibition. It is often difficult to decide whether you want to act on your own or in a situation that is very structured and regulated. If your situation is too structured, you will feel closed in and repressed; you will want to break free and go off by yourself and do things your way. But when you get that freedom, you feel rather lost and at loose ends, and you find it difficult to set your own pace.

(Sounds just like the German people during the 1930’s.)

These two charts have an interesting match-up of planetary energies. Eva’s South Node is conjunct Hitler’s Ascendant, while her North Node is conjunct his Sun/Mercury conjunction. Her Mars is in the middle of his Neptune/Pluto conjunction, while her Saturn is within 3° of his (oh-oh) Venus/Mars conjunction. Finally, Eva’s Venus is conjunct Hitler’s Moon/Jupiter conjunction. It’s a potent combination, for sure.

Hitler wished to present himself in the image of a chaste hero; in the Nazi ideology, men were the political leaders and warriors, and women were homemakers. Hitler believed that he was sexually attractive to women and wished to exploit this for political gain by remaining single, as he felt marriage would decrease his appeal. He and Braun never appeared as a couple in public; the only time they appeared together in a published news photo was when she sat near him at the 1936 Winter Olympics. The German people were unaware of Braun’s relationship with Hitler until after the war.

This is a pre-war photo showing Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun at his Berchtedgaden retreat. (AP Photo/file)

We know that Adolf Hitler reincarnated as ‘John Doe’. I wonder who Eva Braun came back as?

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