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When Trump Said This, I Knew There’d Be Trouble

“Proud Boys, Stand Back and Stand By” In the first debate between presidential candidates Trump and Biden, the moderator asked Trump to direct the white supremacist groups to “Stand down.” This is what he said instead: This was spoken aloud … Continue reading

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In Case You Thought Critical Race Theory was New…

James Baldwin vs. William F. Buckley Jr. Debate (October 26, 1965) In terms of the basis of thinking in 1965, this debate shows the way we were. The Chart Moon Inconjunct Jupiter This aspect indicates that you have a positive, … Continue reading

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There Are No Flies on Senator Kamala Harris

Pence looked pale, Harris robust. And, of course, Vice-President Mike Pence’s admonition of Senator Kamala Harris’ focus on how many people have died under his watch: “Don’t play politics with peoples’ lives.” Vice-Presidential Debate, Utah, October 7, 2020 (That’s all … Continue reading

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The Great Debate

I’m always surprised when someone takes me to task for something I’ve said, or something I’ve written. To express an opinion is just that: an opinion. I am not attempting to make anyone else accept what I think as the … Continue reading

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