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A Bit of Fun from 1987

My British Rail ID card.

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Stars with Canadian Roots

Some of the stars pictured above will be quite familiar to you. Some might not. The point of this exercise is to show the world that a lot of American talent is actually from Canada. For a small listing of … Continue reading

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Media: Are YOU Getting the Point Yet?

The Medium IS the Message Marshall McLuhan was way ahead of the pack. He saw in the 60’s that control of the media equates to control of our minds. In those days, that meant movies, TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. … Continue reading

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Self-Control or Being Held Back?

Off One’s Leash I had a cartoon in mind when I thought about writing this article. In my inner vision, I was remembering a animated film of a dog that spends every day charging at passers-by, only to be stopped … Continue reading

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Nighthawks Revamped

From the 1940’s to the 1980’s    

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When Movies Couldn’t Be Wilder

Unless They Were Directed by Billy Wilder A retrospective on TV last night took me back to my childhood. In those days, movies were vetted by the Hays Code for inappropriate content. Wilder was quoted as saying, “You have to … Continue reading

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The Old Folks at Home?

Sitting on the Porch in Rocking Chairs The Carol Burnett Show used to feature a skit of a couple of seniors discussing their lives. The payoff was almost always the same: he’d make a gentle pass at her and she … Continue reading

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