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Trudeau: Like Father, Like Son?

No, more like: Hate Father, Hate Son The advantage of being a more senior member of the voting community (I’m old, OK?) is that I also have a long memory of how things were back in the ‘bad old days’ … Continue reading

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Trudeau and his Need to be Mr. Dressup

Cultural Misappropriation When I first did Justin Trudeau’s chart in 2017, I wasn’t concentrating on inconjuncts. Now I am. Let’s see what they can tell us. Sun Inconjunct Saturn You will always require structure in your life, and you will … Continue reading

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“I’d Rather Be Dead in a Ditch”

Boris Johnson I know that I’ve said this many times before, but, be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. When asked, yesterday, about requesting a further delay of Brexit of three more months, Johnson uttered the … Continue reading

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Sheer Hypocrisy: Racism

Trying to Score Political Points A recent spat of words has demonstrated that, when it comes to politics, nothing is sacred. Andrew Scheer has called out Justin Trudeau for calling a female protester at one of his speeches a ‘racist‘. … Continue reading

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