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An Unholy Trio Around Donald J. Trump

Rudy Giuliani, William Barr and Steve Bannon I don’t know about you, but having three liars in the White House over different times during Trump’s presidency shows that, like Nixon, there was a ‘cancer’ growing that would some day kill … Continue reading

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“Stop the Steal”: Guilt by Association?

Roger Stone (August 27, 1952) I missed something about Roger Stone. It took a comment from my astrology friend, Ellie, to open my eyes to an obvious association. Stone has an tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back. What’s that … Continue reading

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A Reminder of the Power of Propaganda

January 6, 2021 (No further comment.)

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Back-Channels: How One Man’s Folly was Mitigated

Peril (2021) You might think this is just paranoia speaking, but I think, as do the authors of this book, that the world came perilously close to a catastrophe in January of this year. If General Mark Milley hadn’t initiated … Continue reading

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What the Shift Happened?

David Wilcock’s Change of Focus In a discussion with a fellow-WordPress blogger yesterday, I realized that I haven’t expressly stated what my concern is about David Wilcock’s unsettling change of focus in 2017. Prior to that time, David had spent … Continue reading

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A Little Birdie Told Me So:

When a Chickadee Came Knocking at My Screen Window I was working on the Birdi post a couple of days ago, and heard to my right a noise at the window. As the glass is opaque (obscure) I could vaguely … Continue reading

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What Happened When a Revolution was “Stolen”

June Rebellion (June 5-6, 1832) Paris is a hotbed of rebellion: always was; always will be. The French Republic took more than 45 years to finally settle into the permanent version we know today. This skirmish was romanticized in the … Continue reading

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Paranoia: Was the Storming of the Capitol a “False-Flag” Op?

National Guard Troops Sleeping in the Capitol Remember the ‘something’s rotten in the state of Denmark’ comment? This image has made the bullsh*t detector jump to its highest paranoid level. What’s this all about? Listening to all the commentary rhetoric … Continue reading

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Freedom? No, Anarchy…

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