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Tucker Carlson’s Take on the January 6th Insurrection:

“Mostly Peaceful Chaos” Obviously, he was watching an alternate version of the tapes, that Kevin McCarthy provided him with. But, is he blameless for what happened? Will he be implicated? Let’s take a look at his part in the affray. … Continue reading

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Conspiracy: Lies Just to Please His Audience?

Tucker Carlson (May 16, 1969) According to MSNBC’s ALL IN with Chris Hayes, Tucker Carlson used to be a teller of absolute truth. Then he moved to Fox News, where the almighty dollar took hold of his soul. So, what … Continue reading

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The “Alternative” News of the World, According to:

Rupert Murdoch (March 11, 1931) Is this the face of a man you can trust? Hmm. As owner of Fox, the (at best) opinions that he has are foisted onto the United States, Britain and Australia, all in the name … Continue reading

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In the Past, Autocratic Rulers were Shot

Czar Nicholas II of Russia (May 18, 1868 – July 17, 1918) I said I would contemplate who Roger Ailes was in a prior life. I got this individual. Why? Because of the way Ailes ‘ruled’ the Fox News Network: … Continue reading

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