Conspiracy: Lies Just to Please His Audience?

Tucker Carlson (May 16, 1969)


According to MSNBC’s ALL IN with Chris Hayes, Tucker Carlson used to be a teller of absolute truth. Then he moved to Fox News, where the almighty dollar took hold of his soul.

So, what does his birth chart tell us?

A simple analysis of his planets shows that he wears his heart on his sleeve (Sun conjunct Moon), and he may have been a honest broadcaster in a past life (South Node/Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Virgo). But something must have happened that made him an angry young man (Mars in Sagittarius), because then Neptune in Scorpio took over. There is one inconjunct.

Saturn Inconjunct Uranus

If either of these planets is near conjunction or opposition with the Ascendant or Midheaven, this aspect indicates a serious tension in your life between freedom and restriction. Many people have this conflict, but in your case the tensions may be so severe that you express them physically as muscle tension and possibly nervousness. You feel that somehow you must keep everything in your life under tight control, that if you let go, the whole structure will fall apart. In a very real and direct sense, even while you are young, you must learn to relax.

On the positive side, if you can learn to live with this tension abit and express your feelings and emotions before they reach the breaking point, you can be extremely patient and persistent. You will be able to accomplish many tasks that others would give up on, if you do not hold in all your feelings and desires for freedom.

Your parents should understand that sometimes you have to let go and act in an undisciplined manner. Otherwise you will go through periods of great turmoil when you become extremely nervous and tense, so that you have to suddenly release all the built-up emotional tension. This can be quite a difficult experience. And if this pattern of sudden disruptive emotional release continues into adulthood, it could be very disruptive in your career as well as in your personal life. If you have a problem, try to express it and talk to others about it instead of being stoical and keeping it to yourself. You can do this very well, but there are times when you need other people. Learning to handle people and the tensions that arise in relationships is important.

Oh-oh. In America, that is not something you joke about. In the end, we know what he is truly selling:

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