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How’s This for a True “False Flag” Operation?

Antifa Call me ‘late to the table’. I have just looked at the loosely-associated group that is often blamed for stuff that they had nothing to do with, such as the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Antifa (/ænˈtiːfə, ˈænti(ˌ)fə/) … Continue reading

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Honestly, Do You Believe You Know the Difference?

Propaganda Everybody has an opinion: that’s a fact. But is that opinion based on fact or propaganda? In times of war, or even ‘Special Military Operations’, the people need to be behind their leaders or else it will all fail … Continue reading

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What a Difference an Hour Makes!

August 2017 Partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius I wanted to get a good image of this lunar eclipse, so I did a Google search. Note the date. This seems to be contradictory, until you realize the photos were taken in … Continue reading

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“He Lies All the Time!”

Is This the Real Time of Donald Trump’s Birth? I decided to start this post with a joke image, because the subject of it is the biggest joke of all. Remember the hubbub about Barack Obama’s fake birth certificate? Who … Continue reading

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How the “Son of Man” Became the Son of a God

Titus (December 30, 39 AD – September 13, 81 AD) Just when I thought I was done with Roman Emperors, another one makes me take notice. This is due to starting to read “Caesar’s Messiah” yesterday (and continuing today). This … Continue reading

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Operation Mincemeat: Ian Fleming’s Greatest Untold Story

The Man Who Never Was (1956) I remember this film. At the time, I thought it was fiction, but now has been proven true. And wouldn’t you know it: Ian Fleming may have written the plot. In 1943, Royal Navy … Continue reading

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Re-Writing History: Is It Fake News or…

A False Narrative? I have commented many times that history gets written by the victors. The losers crawl away from their battles and lick their (emotional) wounds, sometimes for centuries. We, individually, do the same thing. That situation you went … Continue reading

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Staged Photo Session of Trump at Walter Reed Medical Center

So, more “fake” news from America’s pseudo President.

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“Can I Be Manipulated? Can You?”

The Great Hack (2019) From Wikipedia: The Great Hack is a 2019 documentary film about the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal, produced and directed by Jehane Noujaim and Karim Amer, both previous documentary Academy Award nominees (The Square, Control Room, Startup.com). … Continue reading

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Don’t Trust Political Memes on Facebook

Fake News 2015 I have a good memory, but I didn’t have access to People Magazine in 1998, as I was living in the U.K. But I do remember this meme making the rounds in 2015. It’s fake! According to … Continue reading

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