How’s This for a True “False Flag” Operation?


Call me ‘late to the table’. I have just looked at the loosely-associated group that is often blamed for stuff that they had nothing to do with, such as the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Antifa (/ænˈtiːfə, ˈænti(ˌ)fə/) is a left-wing anti-fascist and anti-racist political movement in the United States. As a highly decentralized array of autonomous groups, antifa uses both nonviolent and violent direct action to achieve its aims. Much of antifa political activism is nonviolent, involving poster and flyer campaigns, mutual aid, speeches, protest marches, and community organizing. Some who identify as antifa also combat far-right extremists (such as neo-Nazis and white supremacists) and, at times, law enforcement, with tactics including digital activism, doxing, harassment, physical violence, and property damage.


And, even as I’m reading that extended description, I’m thinking, “propaganda.” Talk about fighting fire with fire. But I’m no expert, so I’ll just leave you with this quote:

Where do they get their ideas, eh?

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