(As Always) Politics Makes…

Strange Bedfellows (first attributed to Charles Dudley Warner)

Joe Biden’s visit to the Middle East this week is a reminder of how strange some political maneuvering really is: first Israel, then Palestine, and finally Saudi Arabia. What!? In the same week?

But none of this is news, even though the main stream media want to paint it that way. Whether Biden wants to admit it or not, he has echoed Trump’s meeting with Putin, where Putin said that he wasn’t responsible for some thing or another, and Trump agreed with him. MBS pulled that same stunt yesterday, and Biden reported what he’s said. The difference? I don’t think Biden bought the story.

Biden has a very thin tightrope to walk in the Middle East. He wants to rein in Iran’s nuclear capacities, and he needs Israel’s backing on that. But he also wants to show a humanitarian image in backing the ‘two nations’ fight by Palestinians. And, of course, he needs Saudi oil production to be increased, to drive down gas prices. In reality, this is the one that matters most back home in the States.

The MSM have been hacking away at Biden since he took office in January 2021. Now, because of the Saudis having blood on their collective hands (the Khashoggi murder), they’ve got something to complain about: Biden making any deals with the Kingdom leaders. I think this whole thing has been explored more than once, but George Orwell’s 1984 has done it best with wholesale flips of allies and enemies.

So, none of this should be a surprise…

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