He Thought the Saudis Couldn’t Touch Him in Turkey

Jamal Khashoggi (October 13, 1958 – October 2, 2018)

He forgot that the grounds of the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul are actually considered Saudi soil.

Khashoggi’s birth time is unknown. I tried randomizing the chart and then realized that a birth at 12 noon local time would probably best highlight his murder at age (almost) 60 (Pluto @ 3° Virgo). There is a Yod (Finger of God) pointing at Mars (@ 2° Gemini). Hmm.

Mars Inconjunct Neptune

With this aspect you must learn to stand up for yourself and demand your rights forthrightly and directly. Often you feel that you don’t have enough energy to assert yourself or that any such effort would be futile. Unfortunately, some people with this aspect learn to work behind the scenes or dishonestly. Others simply give up or take a defeatist attitude toward life.

Mars Inconjunct Ascendant

One of the more difficult sides of this aspect is that you must learn to understand whether or not someone has violated your rights. You may think that this is the case even when it isn’t. Learn to discriminate.

They say that the pen is mightier than the sword and those who live by the sword, die by the sword.

The Murder Chart

This is the precise moment of Khashoggi’s last words (as captured by Turkish authorities on a covert tape recording of the event). He thought they were just going to sedate him. He didn’t know they were going to cut up his body into small parts in order to secretly remove him from the consulate.

That Moon opposition to the Saturn/Pluto/Ascendant conjunction in Capricorn may be the clue to ‘whodunnit’.

No doubt Mohammed bin Salman is implicated but what does astrology say about this murder?

MBS’ Neptune is conjunct both the ‘murder’ Saturn and Khashoggi’s Ascendant. MBS’ Saturn is conjunct the ‘murder’ Jupiter. And MBS’ Sun is conjunct Khashoggi’s Pluto. There are other links, but there’s no point flogging a dead horse, is there?

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