“Stuff” Happens When the Stars Align

Patty Hearst (February 20, 1954)

A fellow astrologer-blogger calls Patty Hearst, Jeffrey Epstein’s granddaughter, referencing the fact that Epstein is William Randolph Hearst reincarnated. CaptMcCoy also thinks that what happened to Patty Hearst was a random ‘joke’ played by some unseen Controllers. Well, I don’t have access to his source material, so I will just concentrate on Patty alone.

It would seem that this is the time that every astrology site has used for Hearst’s birth chart, so I will stick with it. The first thing to note is that the Sun @ 2° Pisces seems to be when she became her own person at 21 years of age. That coincides with her taking part in a bank robbery after being kidnapped (and brainwashed) by the S.L.A. in 1974.

Moon Inconjunct Venus

There is a danger that if you spend too much time and effort trying to get what you need, you will not be able to give love to others. Thus this aspect can mean that you indulge yourself and expect others to do everything for you. Of course, if people think that you are looking at things this way, they will not be inclined to help you. That will drive you to seek love even more and make the pattern even stronger.

[It is significant that the man she ended up marrying, after her trial and imprisonment, was the policeman assigned to protect her.]

Here’s the chart for the ‘event’:

This is the precise moment that the robbery began, as witnessed by the bank guard, Eden Shea. It makes me wonder, when observing the South Node/Mars/Saturn/Ascendant conjunction in Gemini, if this was something Ms. Hearst had done before, in a prior life. At any rate, she had done it again, now.

Look at those link-ups! This is no ‘accident’ or random ‘joke’ played by some Cosmic dudes. This was her own destiny, and if ever a privileged white heiress needed to demonstrate her denial of everything that had come before, this was the moment.

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2 Responses to “Stuff” Happens When the Stars Align

  1. captmccoy says:

    Have you seen the movie Cecil B Demented starring Patty Hearst? It’s edgy but quite good


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