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Conspiracy Theory: It Was Murder-Suicide After All

MH 370 Finally Located? I’m usually not easily deceived, but this one pulled the wool over my eyes, and made me consider an alternate explanation that was likely improbable, if not downright impossible. Here’s my original post. Now it seems … Continue reading

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The Astrology of a Photograph

The Planets Align (April 28, 2022) It was an image that I couldn’t get out of my head. Taken on April 28th, this shot of the night sky over Perth, Western Australia, caused me to want to see how it … Continue reading

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Novak’s Covic Joke is on Us All

Novak Djokovic (May 21, 1987) I watched, with amusement, the media circus that was caused by Novak Djokovic‘s attempt to circumvent Australia’s strict Visa procedure concerning the COVID-19 vaccine. It wasn’t really funny, because some people think that the rules … Continue reading

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Rocking the Housewife Vibe

Helen Reddy (October 25, 1941 – September 29, 2020) This might seem a strange post to anyone who follows me here on WordPress, but it’ll make some sense when you read on. I watched I Am Woman on Netflix last … Continue reading

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Tracking Down a TV Jingle

Bondi Vet This is a long-time running reality TV show from Australia. We get a double-dose of it every weekday on the CBC in the late afternoon. The opening song is infectious: “You make my world a better place: I … Continue reading

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Neighbours: Road to Fame or Cul-de-sac?

Daytime Soap from Australia Neighbours went on the air in the UK in October 1986, just about the time we moved to Torquay. It was instantly popular. Some of the cast became international stars, some stayed at home. Here is … Continue reading

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