Fox Corporation Finally Out-Foxed

Fox Settles the Dominion Defamation Lawsuit

Honestly, I am surprised that they waited until the last moment to finally agree to settle the lawsuit.

This chart is a prime example of the power of Pluto in Aquarius. Everything else was above the horizon, with Pluto in the 6th House.

Pluto in this position can be a sign that you might work in some area involving investigation, research, psychology or secret projects.

Planet in Youth (by Robert Hand)

By late yesterday afternoon, the word was out: Rupert Murdock had stopped the media circus by agreeing to hand over $787,500,000 to Dominion Voting Machines. Do you wonder why?

The event’s Part of Fortune is (almost) exactly conjunct Murdock’s Mars @ 27° Cancer, within 3° opposition to the event’s Pluto. The Fox had been outfoxed, finally.


Post Script

I hadn’t realized that I had the chart for Fox stock IPO on my computer, so comparing this chart and the lawsuit chart shows a very interesting connection: Saturn in the IPO chart is conjunct the event Sun @ 28° Aries, while Neptune in the IPO chart is conjunct the event Pluto @ 0° Aquarius. Evidently, the whole process of the legal discovery occurred while Pluto was transiting that IPO Neptune: hidden matters being exposed to the light of consciousness. Isn’t astrology grand?

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