So What Exactly was that Light in the Sky?

Kyiv “Flash” Light (April 19, 2023)

This single frame (image capture) shows the precise timing for our purposes. The whole article and video image can be seen here.

If the planetary line-up seems familiar, this one is effectively the day after Fox settled the Dominion defamation lawsuit. There are two inconjuncts, pointing at the Ascendant @ 21° Scorpio.

Moon Inconjunct Ascendant

This aspect ties together a Moon sign and a rising sign that are very different. This indicates that the image that is projected to others does not reveal very much about the true feelings, behind the scenes.

Jupiter Inconjunct Ascendant

At times you will go through tremendous and possibly painful creative changes in your life, in which everything that you are is replaced by a new order. Your environment may change radically, or you may lose all your old friends and find a whole set of new ones.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter

This aspect is very easy to live with. You are probably well liked, because your optimistic attitude warms people up. You can even make others feel good when they are depressed.

These descriptions sound very much like Zelenskyy and the leadership of Ukraine. So that makes me wonder if (whatever the flash was) this is a sign from the heavens that Ukraine’s prospects are improving and this may also be a turning point in the conflict with Russia. We shall see.

Will Ukraine finally be allowed to join NATO?

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1 Response to So What Exactly was that Light in the Sky?

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    NASA says that some old space junk came down in the Sahara Desert today. Hmm.


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