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How to Respect Someone’s Opinion:

Agree to Disagree We are in the middle of a provincial election here in Ontario, Canada. So, the knives are out, trying to carve up the electorate. And because the Americans are running their mid-term primaries at the same time, … Continue reading

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Who Will Purchase This Perch From Us?

When ALL the Chickens Come Home to Roost I have been commenting and predicting on events that were current for these past couple of months. The culmination happened yesterday, the day after the Beijing Winter Olympics ended. COVID-19 The Queen … Continue reading

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This, Too, Shall Pass!

Full Moon in Aries (October 20, 2021) Watching my friend’s YouTube video (on October 19th), I heard her say: “Wait until the full moon has passed before having That Talk…” (paraphrased, to remove the swear word). Geez, that means that … Continue reading

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After a Long Gestation Period, and Extended Labour Pains…

The State of Israel is Born Strange prompt, this one: I was listening to Andy Williams sing “The Exodus Song (This Land is Mine)” and I suddenly connected two events in history in my mind. Firstly, though, I’d like to … Continue reading

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When Saint Cyril became Patriarch of Alexandria in 412 AD

St. Cyril of Alexandria (376 – June 27, 444) According to Wikipedia: The Prefect Orestes enjoyed the political backing of Hypatia, an astronomer, philosopher and mathematician who had considerable moral authority in the city of Alexandria, and who had extensive … Continue reading

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Who are the Good Guys, Anymore?

Battle of the Heavens now Down to Earth. When I watch videos and read posts about the Alliance vs. the Cabal, I get a feeling of discomfort. At one level, I want to understand what’s really going on, and at … Continue reading

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Agog about Gog and Magog

Synagogue My mind works in very mysterious ways. There is no other rational explanation. But I don’t worry, because my neural pathways take me on some very interesting journeys. Yesterday, I received an email from the main correspondent of our … Continue reading

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Rapture or Ascension (or Both)?

Heads, We Win! Tails, You Lose! Sometimes, you have to look at both sides of a situation to make any sense of what’s happening. The COVID-19 crisis is a case in point. People are dying out there! There are many … Continue reading

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The Upcoming Saturn/Pluto Conflict

See Matthew 26:52 for the full version I’ve been charting the motions of Saturn and Pluto since their proximity came to my attention in June. Even the Gemini full Moon in December had a surprise element to it. But now … Continue reading

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Optics: Racial Confrontations

Judge Not, That You Be Not Judged The Lincoln Memorial confrontation that happened this past weekend was everywhere on the news yesterday. The focus appeared to be on a white teenager in a MAGA cap standing in front of a … Continue reading

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