Please “Axe” the Use of the Word ‘Ask’…

Bennie Thompson (January 28, 1948)

You’d think a politician would take elocution lessons, especially when his biggest role is the Chairman of the televised January 6th Select Committee hearings in Washington, D.C. Bennie Thompson has a vocal tick that is common with American Blacks: he cannot pronounce ‘ask’ properly; it comes out ‘aks’,

I guess someone else noticed this during the first session and got Thompson to say ‘request’ instead from then on. Unfortunately, 20,000,000 Americans had already seen enough. The viewing numbers dipped.

Guess what? No one knows the Congressman’s birth time, nor when he married his wife, so I’m going to rely upon the old standby of setting the clock to noon, in order to view the energies at work that day.

The North Node conjunct the Taurus Ascendant is interesting, nevertheless. And two of the inconjuncts are dependent on a correct timing, so I will leave them out of the analysis, but that leaves a very important Yod (Finger of God), pointing at Venus, and another inconjunct connecting the Sun and Mars.

Sun Inconjunct Mars

You have a rather strong will, which may be difficult to control. This is because your way of doing something tends to interfere with what you want to gain by doing it. Your actions in some situations may surprise people by contradicting what they have learned about you as a person. Inside of yourself, you may even begin to feel that you can’t approve of the way you act, or you may feel that you can’t deal comfortably with the results of your actions. In other words, you get yourself into real jams.

If you can learn to handle this problem, you can gain quite a bit of power over your life, because you are able to attack problems and situations in two rather different ways. When one approach cannot solve it, the other may be able to. Any connection between the Sun and Mars helps you to stand up and assert yourself. You can fight successfully, but only if you learn to control your energies.

Venus Inconjunct Neptune

This aspect will work out with the fewest problems if you get a great deal of emotional support from your parents and other loved ones. You are willing to serve, help and assist those you love, but you may honestly feel that you don’t deserve to be loved unless you are forced to serve your loved ones in some way. This is because you feel that loving someone requires you to make sacrifices and to deny your own needs and that love may not necessarily make you feel good and warm. While you are young, this attitude is likely to show up only as a feeling of unworthiness and shyness toward others, especially those who seem to like you. When you are older, you may have severe problems in love relationships, because you feel that you are only good enough for society’s losers, people who badly need help or have severe emotional problems.

Venus Inconjunct Pluto

With this aspect you must learn a great deal about the kinds of friends you want and the kinds of experiences you will have through other people. Even while you are still young, you may meet persons who are quite difficult to get along with, but who seem to be impossible to get away from, even when you want to. You may be fascinated by such persons, or circumstances may force you to stay with them. These people do have a definite role to play in your life, but it may not always be a pleasant one. They will teach you something about life or about yourself.

No doubt, Will Smith will portray Mr. Thompson in a film version of these events in the near future.

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