She’s a Straight Shooter: No Hidden Agenda

Liz Cheney (July 28, 1966)

Liz Cheney is the Republican Co-chair of the January 6th Select Committee. She and Adam Kinzinger are the only two individuals representing the GOP during its deliberations and hearings. They’re considered traitors in Trump World. She may not win her party’s primary for her seat in Wyoming this year, in which case she would be free to run for President in 2024, to help block Donald Trump from running. I suspect Democrats would vote for her, especially if they don’t like their own candidate.

The timing of this chart is considered ‘excellent’. As usual, three minutes to midnight is cutting it a little close, but I haven’t seen her birth certificate, so I cannot disagree. There are NO inconjuncts.

There are, however, three especially close conjunctions:

Sun Conjunct Mercury

Your mind may or may not be fast, but it is working constantly. You have a great need to express your opinions, and you can’t stand it when people don’t take your ideas seriously. On the other hand, you probably take time to organize your ideas so that others will be forced to take you seriously, because what you say makes sense.

Venus Conjunct Mars

Sometimes you may be unsure whether to assert yourself, give way to the other person’s demands, or compromise, although that can be the most difficult choice of the three. Much of the time you may be very demanding of those you love, insisting that they give you, and you alone, a great deal of love and attention. But when you realize that your demands will probably drive the other person away, you will give in.

Uranus Conjunct Pluto (1965)

This aspect undoubtedly signifies a generation of children who will have very powerful effects upon the rest of the culture, for they will be revolutionaries in the truest sense. They will be very eager and restless for change, but at the same time patient enough to learn how to really bring it about. They will undoubtedly have a very powerful impact on everyone in society.

There is also a close conjunction between the South Node and Neptune in Scorpio, which may give us a clue about a past life connection. I can only wonder, for the moment, what that entails. However, the straight shooter designation comes from Ms. Cheney’s Moon being in the final degree of Sagittarius.

Moon in Sagittarius

You are an idealist who wants the world to be grand and good and beautiful. You want people to be good and noble and are very disappointed when they are not. Unless you learn to take people as they come, you will always be disappointed.

“…to testify untruthfully…”

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