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“Sufficient Unto the Day is the Evil Thereof”

USA’s Pluto Return (July 11, 2022) Normally, I don’t like projecting too far into the future, especially if there is an element of negativity involved. I have been basically ignorant of this coming event until I watched a fellow astrologer’s … Continue reading

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How Long Does It Take to Grieve?

Three Days, Three Weeks, Three Months and Three Years A friend of mine died yesterday. I’m not in shock. I’m not in mourning. “Why not?” I asked myself. Because, my mourning of her passing started in October, 2017, when I … Continue reading

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What the Heck is Pluto Going to Be Doing to Me?

I am mindful, at all times, that the planets are going about their various movements, without them being remotely interested in me personally. And that is as it should be. As an astrologer, it is up to me to map … Continue reading

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