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Is the USA Starting to Unravel?

Has Putin Painted Biden into a Corner? There’s something about a brilliant set of political moves internationally that makes us secretly admire the one doing the maneuvering. Putin has certainly got Trump’s approval, as the White House has noted. But … Continue reading

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A Pawn Piece (1978 play): Insights

Playing the Games of Life on a Chessboard Originally written as a poem (“Upon Peace”) in 1965, as a protest about the ways of the world, I adapted it into a play in 1978, using my son (Derek) as the … Continue reading

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Be Honest Now: Could You Keep This Secret?

Inheritance (2020) Psychological thrillers all have one thing in common: they mess with your mind. So, you can imagine how I felt about this film, presently showing on Netflix. The subtext is telegraphed early on: it’s a chess game. Lauren … Continue reading

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Optics: Canadian Politics as a Game

Game of Thrones? Two important Liberal members of parliament were exiled yesterday, cast into the outer darkness by their leader. Why? Because Jody Wilson-Raybould and Janet Philpott questioned the handling of a delicate legal matter by said leader, Justin Trudeau. … Continue reading

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