Optics: Canadian Politics as a Game


Justin Trudeau as Jon Snow

Game of Thrones?

Two important Liberal members of parliament were exiled yesterday, cast into the outer darkness by their leader. Why? Because Jody Wilson-Raybould and Janet Philpott questioned the handling of a delicate legal matter by said leader, Justin Trudeau.



It is true that Jody Wilson-Raybould took on the whole Liberal caucus by trying to outmaneuver Justin Trudeau but the endgame was never really in doubt: to publicly punish the Prime Minister for demoting her in Cabinet.

Why else would you telephone the Clerk of the Privy Council and record your conversation without his knowledge or agreement? As a lawyer, she must have seen that act as going over the line of decency. And yet, it speaks to the fact that she knew she was heading for the chopping block while standing up to pressure from the PM and his office.

Dungeons & Dragons?


In truth, Justin Trudeau didn’t slay the dragon called the SNC-Lavalin affair quickly enough and it grew into a monster that threatens to engulf the rest of his first term as Prime Minister and his future as leader of the Liberal Party.

Denying that anything wrong had taken place is really not enough to convince the voters that you are innocent of all hints of impropriety. It is especially true of there being no smoke without fire, this time coming from the dragon’s mouth. Will lessons be learned?



History will record the fact that two women stood up to the Trudeau government and that irreparable damage was inflicted on the Prime Minister’s image as a feminist.

The game’s over, sir.

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