Is the USA Starting to Unravel?

Has Putin Painted Biden into a Corner?

Putin as Chess Master

There’s something about a brilliant set of political moves internationally that makes us secretly admire the one doing the maneuvering. Putin has certainly got Trump’s approval, as the White House has noted.

But there is something cosmic going on at the same time, so Putin cannot take all the credit, himself.

The first of three US Pluto Returns this year

As the final fireworks of the Beijing Winter Olympics closing ceremony were being set off, the world was waking up to a new reality: Russia began to set in motion their moves to ‘invade’ the eastern border of Ukraine, to ‘keep the peace’ of two ‘independent’ territories. Everyone and his uncle knows that it’s a ruse, but by using the American playbook, Putin is showing that he is a master chess player.

It’s only taken one year and thirty-three days to bring the mighty warrior (USA) to its knees. If the withdrawal from Afghanistan had been handled better, Putin wouldn’t have hatched the plot to take the remainder of Ukraine back. Someone has noted that after the previous three winter Olympics, he has done essentially the same thing to Georgia, the Crimea and some other former USSR country (but which I cannot recall for the moment). Maybe Putin wants to win back the Soviet States in total. That’s why he hates NATO. He thinks they’re encroaching on Russian assets. He wants it to stop.

Is it significant that Sunday’s Part of Fortune @ 9° Sagittarius is within 3° of the USA’s birth Ascendant @ 12° Sagittarius? Hmm. The first Pluto Return is taking place when almost all the planets and lights are placed at odds to the natal stellium in the 7th House (of open enemies). That cannot be a good sign.


We will have to wait and see how this game plays out, but it seems that Biden is Putin’s real target, and the country of Ukraine is the chessboard. By July 2022, we may see the USA King’s checkmate.

Who’s up for a game of chess?

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