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Hands Full with One Baby: How About Six?

The Good Doctor (Season 6, Episode 7) I didn’t expect that a whole episode would be taken up with the premature births of six babies to one family. That the story turned out to have a happy ending was the … Continue reading

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A Pawn Piece (1978 play): Insights

Playing the Games of Life on a Chessboard Originally written as a poem (“Upon Peace”) in 1965, as a protest about the ways of the world, I adapted it into a play in 1978, using my son (Derek) as the … Continue reading

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How Did George Gurdjieff Know, All Those Years Ago?

A Meeting With a Remarkable Man It seems the most unlikely of links: Whitley Strieber follows the ‘sensing’ exercise as suggested by George Gurdjieff. This brought the light of his soul to the attention of the ‘visitors’. Creating this type … Continue reading

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How to Change Your Perspective and Your Destiny

A New Earth (2005) My wife, Susan, bought me this book for Christmas in 2020. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I’d already read the first edition, years ago. At the moment, I’m looking for something to … Continue reading

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Today is Unusual: My Mind is a Blank Slate

What Shall I Write? Of course, I could always fall back on a good source: my dreams. Last night’s was interesting in that I returned to it after several conscious moments tending to the toilet and calming our two dogs’ … Continue reading

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Numerology: How to Change Your Life

Change Your Name (February 15, 1980) When Suzann and I married in Vancouver, BC, on July 15, 1978, we kept our own names. We had not planned on having any children, so the naming issue wasn’t a problem. Her daughter, … Continue reading

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Ah, So I’ve Been on the Right Track, After All

The Astrological Revolution While researching images for a reincarnational post on Facebook, I came across this book. Of course, I had to buy it! If nothing else, it will prove the things I’ve been saying since I was in my … Continue reading

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The Birth Chart: Map of a Hero’s Journey?

I knew the penny would drop one day; looks like that day is today. In a post about the Cathars, I noted that we are refined by fire. What I didn’t explicitly say was that the act of living is … Continue reading

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My Three Weddings and a Funeral

Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) I was contemplating life, as you do, upon waking up this morning. I’d just had another one of those dreams where you know you’re in a dream and you know you shouldn’t be doing … Continue reading

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Life (version three)

  The Meaning is gone And Time is passing: Daydreams keep coming With every yawn.   Crooked thoughts make crooked paths That my mind will follow And the resulting sorrow Will almost always stir my wrath.   Love is a … Continue reading

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