Hands Full with One Baby: How About Six?

The Good Doctor (Season 6, Episode 7)

Shaun’s image is reversed here

I didn’t expect that a whole episode would be taken up with the premature births of six babies to one family. That the story turned out to have a happy ending was the bonus. Each pair of the working staff came to understandings and knowledge that would not have occurred otherwise. A great storyline.

We consider life to be precious, but we tend to forget how perilous the beginning of the journey can be. This program made me go back to my own start and review how surprising the odds were stacked against Mom and me. Although married, Mom was considered an unwed mother because she was separated from her husband. How’s that for a sticking point? During her ‘time of delivery’ Mom was left on her own, mostly. The nursing staff must have made a judgement call that said, if anything went wrong, that was God’s will. This was 1950, after all.

Fortunately, for both of us, we survived the ordeal, and lived to tell the tale. But it made us bond in a way that few would understand, unless you watch “Call the Midwife” on a regular basis. I was her only family, at the time.

Yes, boys do cry.

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