The Day the “Blade Runner” Turned Killer

Reeva Steenkamp (August 19, 1983 – February 14, 2013)

Oscar Pistorius seemed to have had it all: a sporting career, a beautiful girlfriend and a paranoid streak a mile wide. The last item got him into big trouble with the authorities. On Valentine’s morning in 2013, he shot his girlfriend through the bathroom door of his home, thinking that an intruder was hiding there.

This looks to be an accurate time of death for Reeva (you’ll see why in a few moments). The two inconjuncts are the proof: Moon inconjunct Saturn; and Mars inconjunct the Midheaven.

I have used the death chart as the centre of this emotional setup. Reeva’s birth chart has its Moon almost exactly conjunct the ‘event’ Pluto. Meanwhile, Oscar’s natal Moon is conjunct Reeva’s natal Mars, Oscar’s natal Uranus is conjunct Reeva’s natal Ascendant/North Node conjunction, and Oscar’s natal Ascendant is conjunct Reeva’s ‘fatal’ Venus. I wonder if this experience was predestined. It didn’t turn out well.

Ellie Dreams Down Under came to the conclusion yesterday that Oscar was telling the truth, but the legal ‘system’ decided to punish him for being arrogant.

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