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Hands Full with One Baby: How About Six?

The Good Doctor (Season 6, Episode 7) I didn’t expect that a whole episode would be taken up with the premature births of six babies to one family. That the story turned out to have a happy ending was the … Continue reading

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Uh-Oh: Should Have Done His Chart First

Raymond Dearie (June 4, 1944) When Trump thought he could find a “Special Master” who would be on his side, he chose a Judge who didn’t have a good time with the F.B.I. in the past. But that was then, … Continue reading

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Karma: God Is Not Mocked

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics They call it ‘spin’. Too much makes everything spin out of control: January 6th, 2021, for example. I’ve written about this affliction before. But the roots of it start early in childhood. Parents ask their … Continue reading

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Checking This Pilgrim’s Progress: a Wheat or a Tare*?

The Harvest David Wilcock is back on track, folks. He’s re-focused on the omnipresent Harvest of souls. Which means, for me, that the world is right again, and we’re on schedule for our Ascension. They say one picture is worth … Continue reading

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Murder in the Line of Duty, or Something More Personal?

The Murder of George Floyd (May 25, 2020) I’ve waited until now to discuss this case. What I did not want to do was add any fuel to the fire of a blazing racial incident between a black man and … Continue reading

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When Parents are Asked to Make an Impossible Decision

New Amsterdam (Season 1, Episode 15 “Croaklahoma”) We are slowly getting through season one, and this episode shows the negative impact religion can have on life-and-death decisions: the young parents of a recent heart transplant cannot afford their child’s medication, … Continue reading

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