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The Spiritual Meaning and Significance of…

The Number 9 I am very familiar with the number 9, especially with its effect in combination with other numbers in Numerology. Take, for example, the digits in my birth year, 1950. Adding the digits up, the result is 15 … Continue reading

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Numerology: How to Change Your Life

Change Your Name (February 15, 1980) When Suzann and I married in Vancouver, BC, on July 15, 1978, we kept our own names. We had not planned on having any children, so the naming issue wasn’t a problem. Her daughter, … Continue reading

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Tarot of the New Vision: My Card

I won’t deny that I totally identify with this Tarot card. (You may have noticed that my online identity is cdsmiller17.) The digits added together equal 8, the upright version of the Infinity symbol. The card also represents Aquarius, my … Continue reading

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