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Time: Now and Again

Now At the junction between yesterday and tomorrow is an ever-present moment: NOW. We tend to ignore this fact, spending most of our time regretting the events of the past and hoping for a better future. But where is it … Continue reading

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How to Solve an Enigma

Alan Turing: The Enigma There are two versions of this same cover: the one shown above and the one where Benedict Cumberbatch turns and faces the camera, revealing his character. (Side note: Benedict Cumberbatch is a relative of Alan Turing.) … Continue reading

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Revenge of an “Incel”?

Involuntary Celibate Yesterday, a young man decided to drive a rented Ryder van down the sidewalk on Yonge Street in Toronto. Was this a terrorist attack? No. It was one person’s way to ‘punish’ the world. Last night, the CBC … Continue reading

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Sudbury: a “Deja Vu” Moment

Looking for Father In 2006, during my six month return to Canada from the UK, I decided to take a bus ride to Sudbury. I was looking for where my father lived. (This was before I found out when he’d … Continue reading

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I’ve now seen two advertisements extolling the virtues of being a driver for Uber. The first one shows a short order cook finishing with his daytime job, then picking up a few fares. Then he checks his earnings on his … Continue reading

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Crossover Stars: UK to USA

Robert Carlyle In the UK, Robert Carlyle is mostly famous for being in a movie called Trainspotting. His youthful looks and slender physique puts me in mind of a drug addict. So you could say that he was playing to … Continue reading

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Self-Control or Being Held Back?

Off One’s Leash I had a cartoon in mind when I thought about writing this article. In my inner vision, I was remembering a animated film of a dog that spends every day charging at passers-by, only to be stopped … Continue reading

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