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Sudbury: a “Deja Vu” Moment

Looking for Father In 2006, during my six month return to Canada from the UK, I decided to take a bus ride to Sudbury. I was looking for where my father lived. (This was before I found out when he’d … Continue reading

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I’ve now seen two advertisements extolling the virtues of being a driver for Uber. The first one shows a short order cook finishing with his daytime job, then picking up a few fares. Then he checks his earnings on his … Continue reading

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Crossover Stars: UK to USA

Robert Carlyle In the UK, Robert Carlyle is mostly famous for being in a movie called Trainspotting. His youthful looks and slender physique puts me in mind of a drug addict. So you could say that he was playing to … Continue reading

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Self-Control or Being Held Back?

Off One’s Leash I had a cartoon in mind when I thought about writing this article. In my inner vision, I was remembering a animated film of a dog that spends every day charging at passers-by, only to be stopped … Continue reading

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Memory: the Mandela Effect?

Is This a Conspiracy? A recent X-Files episode discussed the Mandela Effect to good effect. The questions it posed and some of the outrageous answers it suggested were perfect in this day and age. Here is that famous opening sequence … Continue reading

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What Garment is Your Soul Wearing?

The Invisible Garment It is true to say that, when we are born, we put on a new set of garments: our spiritual clothing, if you will. The role of Astrology has always been to provide answers to the questions … Continue reading

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Earworm Songs

Q&A for January 8th The question is a simple one: “What song is stuck in your head?” The answer is just as simple: “Name today’s earworm.”   2015 “It’s the end of the world as we know it”     … Continue reading

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